Recent Projects



Charles Carroll House
Annapolis, MD
The surviving section of the brick house was begun by Charles Carroll of Annapolis in 1725, and was enlarged by his son, Charles Carroll of Carrollton in the 1770s and again in the 1790s. Dell Corporation worked on roof leaks, and tested and repaired gutter downspouts. In response to cracking in the masonry, several test pits were dug to determine if the foundation was sufficient. Dell Corporation also installed crack monitors to track any further movement of the masonry.




St. Luke's Episcopal Church
Washington, DC
Built between 1876 and 1879, St. Luke's has been designated a National Historic Landmark by the National Park Service. Dell Corporation worked on the church's doors, designed some new hardware, and restored some old hardware.




St. Mary's Episcopal Church
Washington, DC
St. Mary's was designed by prominent 19th-century architect James Renwick, Jr., and built in 1886. Work done by Dell Corporation includes... epoxy repairs of the posts, reinforcing the brick arch, reinforcing the wooden trusses, and plaster repair.




Federal Reserve Board Building Fountains
Washington, DC
The two black granite fountains were installed on the front (south) lawn of the Federal Reserve Board Building in early 1937. Each fountain pond is surrounded by decorative paving, probably created by the John Joseph Earley Studio. Dell Corporation was brought in to investigate the cause of cracks that have appeared in the rectangular bases of the fountains, and in the pavements surrounding the fountains.




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