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"Over the years we've come to believe that the best Preservation is Conservation, and the Best Conservation is Maintenance."









"This philosophy allows us to work from a unique perspective when approaching a project."









What do we do? That's an even better question than who we are. As you've read before, we are a Historic Preservation Specialties Contracting Firm. However, there's more to us than that. The field of Historic Preservation is not one that is easily categorized. It is comprised of numerous subcategories such as Conservation, Maintenance and Reconstruction. Over the years we've come to believe that the best preservation is conservation, and the best conservation is maintenance. This philosophy allows us to work from a unique perspective when approaching a project.
The success of the maintenance of a site is directly related to the teamwork which accompanies it. Before the first toolbelt is donned or drafting pen raised, we believe a meeting of minds is important in working with a client as well as working for them. This sense of teamwork and ultimate commitment to the maintenance of historical structures, rather than just the repair, gives Dell Corporation a unique role in Historic Preservation.
Because of that distinct role in Preservation, we can offer our clients a number of services such as:
  • Conditions Survey
  • Materials Evaluation, Sampling and Development
  • Maintenance Planning and Implementation
  • Teaching others Appropriate Maintenance and Repair Logic and Techniques
    • Specialty Contracting
  • Structural and Nonstructural Maintenance and Repair
  • Materials Repair and Replacement (wood, metal, brick, stone and plaster)
  • Repair and Replacement of Finishes
  • Environmental Condition and Material Condition Surveys and Monitoring
  • Training others in Logic and Techniques on Preservation Projects
  • Supervision of Preservation Projects
    • Dell Corporation provides these services for a variety of clients such as:
  • Local, State and Federal Government Agencies
  • Historical, Private, and Non-Profit Organizations and Associations
  • Churches
  • Private Individuals

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