Recent Projects



Old Post Office Building
Washington, DC
Many locations throughout the Old Post Office Building are exhibiting signs of water damage — stained and peeling paint, crumbling plaster, etc. Dell Corporation was asked to investigate the leaks and to determine their cause. Several test areas were selected for investigation.



Wolfe Street Houses
Baltimore, MD
The Wolfe Street houses are an adjacent pair of 18th-century, 1½-story wood-frame houses located in the Fells Point area of Baltimore. Potential plans for the houses include development as a facility for preservation education.




Old State Department Building
Washington, DC
The old State Department building was designed by Gilbert S. Underwood and William Dewey Foster in 1939. Dell Corporation conducted a condition survey of materials in designated historic spaces throughout the building. The types of materials included stained and painted woods in private offices, as well as bronze, Travertine, black marble, architectural glass, and terrazzo in public areas. The final report included this information, together with guidelines for repairing and cleaning the various materials.





Dooley Hall
Gonzaga College High School
Washington, DC
Dooley Hall is a combination of the original 1896 theater building and a large 1911 addition.  In 2002, Dell Corporation conducted a condition survey of the facade. Sample work was also done on one of the coping stones.




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